Explore: Israel

It’s sometimes difficult to visit or even write about a controversial place. With its long history of religious and political unrest, Israel is capable of evoking strikingly different emotions among different sets of people. Wherever you stand on this passionate spectrum, it’s wise, as a tourist, to avoid getting involved in any political conversations, particularly concerning Palestine. I decided to go with an open mind, holding tight to my belief that the luxury of travel affords firsthand experience into the places we only otherwise read about or see on the news.

Where to Go in the Netherlands Besides Amsterdam

While Amsterdam may hold the crown, it's busy, commercialized, and very touristy, so taking a day trip or even dedicating a full few days in other parts of the country will help give you a different perspective on the nation. We've rounded up a few Amsterdam alternatives (or additions!) to consider when visiting the Netherlands. At these destinations, you can explore everything from ancient and futuristic architecture and underground tunnel systems to medieval-style beers and, of course, cheese.

11 Ways Travel Can Make You a Better Person

Travel has the tendency to shake things up. No matter what type of trip you take or if you travel alone or with a group, travel will put you face-to-face with challenges and revelations, some profound and some fleeting. The takeaways and how you handle these situations help you become a better person along the way. As avid travelers and lifelong learners ourselves, here are 11 ways we've found that travel can take you on a journey to becoming a better you.

The Best Fall Weekend Getaways in the U.S.

Fall crisp temperatures and low humidity make for enhanced hiking conditions, shoulder season crowds (for some spots), and calendars filled with seasonal events like apple picking, pumpkin racing, and ghost hunts. Plus, it's prime season for apple cider, pie, and home-cooked meals. There's actually so much going on nearly everywhere you look that it can be hard to figure out where to go. To help, we've put together this handy list of where to go for the best weekend getaways this fall around the country. There's a spot for you, whether you're flying, driving, or taking the train; leaving from New York City or Seattle; or traveling solo or with friends and family.

The Best Time to Visit the Maldives

We should start by saying there's no real terrible time to visit the Maldives. Sure, it has high and low seasons like any other destination, but the truth is that this island paradise is actually just that: a paradise. Even during the rainy season, when you can expect downpours nearly every day, rain usually comes in spurts and makes way for sunny skies and gorgeous sunsets. Since the Maldivian archipelago is one of the most geographically dispersed countries in the world, visitors can expect va

Hurricane Aid: How Cruise Lines and Other Tourism Companies Have Stepped Up

Now, as much-needed volunteers and emergency services kick start relief and rebuilding in the southeast U.S., Texas, and Caribbean, big players in the travel industry continue to give aid, shelter, and support to destinations affected by Harvey and Irma. From repurposing commercial cruise ships to activating emergency tools, here’s how several cruise lines, Disney, and the home-sharing giant AirBnb have helped and continue help those affected by these recent disasters.

6 Ideas for Retirement Travel

Now that you're officially off the clock, it's time to start a new hobby, learn a new language, and see the world. Speaking of the latter, there are few places that are best saved for your golden years -- when you have money in the bank, time on your hands, and a renewed spark of adventure in your soul. And no we don't mean Florida. We've scoped out the best destinations to spend your permanent out-of-office adventures, from places with a lot of ground to cover (and thus, require plenty of vacat

5 Awesome Last-Minute Memorial Day Getaways

We're a few short weeks away from the last long weekend before summer officially kicks in. And for those who have experienced an emotional roller coaster of weather these past few seasons (think idiosyncratic rises and falls in temperature as well as sudden heavy rain and snowfall), the start of summer can't come soon enough. If you're still stuck on where to go this Memorial Day weekend (or let's face it, have procrastinated making plans), it's not too late to pick a destination.

That Time the Florida Keys Tried to Secede from the US by Dropping Conch Fritter Bombs

"We were the point of least resistance, or so they thought!" former Key West Mayor Dennis Wardlow guffaws to me over the phone. "They didn't anticipate the publicity—or what was going to happen." In all fairness, neither had he. America's most famous food fight was a perfectly planned PR stunt with both national and international buzz—except it wasn't planned and there were no PR consultants. Wardlow had opened his mouth and the words had leapt out: The Florida Keys would secede from the United States of America in protest against the government.

7 Foods That Can Help Save the World

If you’ve kept your eye on the news since 45’s inauguration, it’s frighteningly obvious the environment needs our help more than ever. From calling climate change a hoax to massive budget cuts for environmental agencies and programs, green-lighting the Dakota Access Pipeline and asking the EPA to reconsider the Clean Water Act, we, as individuals, might just be the last line of defense. For those of us hungry for change, there’s a few ways we can eat our way to a better world—or at least try.

Destination Face-Off: California vs. Florida

From a distance, California and Florida can seem fairly similar. They both have great beaches, fresh seafood, tons of theme parks, and lots of outdoor activities and sunshine to go around. While this isn't an East Coast-West Coast rivalry (yet), we think it's worth going in for a closer look, so you can find the state that suits your vacation needs. Considering factors like weather, vibe, activities, food, safety, and transportation, here's our state-to-state comparison.
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