Untreatable Diseases You Can Easily Pick Up While Traveling (And How To Avoid Them)

If you read the recent article on the most common travel diseases, you already know that I've got a vested interest in learning about all of these uncomfortable, more-common-than-you-think viruses, bacteria, and parasites that call our favorite vacation destinations home. Why? Because, as a frequent traveler and Oyster Investigator, as often as I've beaten the odds, taken the precautions (or not), and escaped with nothing more serious than a weird shorts tan, my luck finally ran out.

The 5 Most Common Travel Diseases That Can Be Fatal (And What to Do If You Bring One Home)

Normally, I wouldn’t announce this but…I’ve been around -- around the world, that is. And while I try to be as careful as possible, it’s not always possible. As a devout globetrotter, I travel a lot; I’ve made a home on four continents, traveled to six, and visited every state in the U.S. I also travel quite a bit as an Oyster hotel investigator; I’ve spent the better part of this year in sun-drenched, (sometimes sticky) beachside vacation spots from Aruba to Sri Lanka. I’m an adventurous eater, mosquitoes love me, and I’ve shared a fair number of long-haul flights with people coughing all over me. But, I’ve never once brought back an unwanted souvenir living in my body -- until now.

4 Sweat-Inducing Workouts You Can Do in Your Hotel Room

Okay, so we stuffed ourselves like turkeys over Thanksgiving...and it's not over yet. In fact, the holiday smorgasbord of seasonal meals has really only just begun. What's a traveling (and growing) waistline to do? Well, while we can't argue that your grandmother's pecan pie isn't absolutely delicious and a must-have (two servings...or three?), we can prove that your excuse of having limited space while on the road is, in fact, no excuse at all. Because even if your hotel doesn't have a gym, or you're quartered off in your parents' tiny basement "guest room," you can still get in some great workouts. For on-the-go inspiration, we chatted to a few fitness professionals and came up with four hotel room-ready routines that can help any traveler stay happy and healthy this holiday season.

Getting Screwed: The Top 5 Medical Dangers of the Porn Industry | Daily Syndrome

Being a porn star may seem all glitz and glam from the screens and sticky keyboards behind the $1.6 billion (and counting) internet searches for porn this year alone. But a job is a job, and no matter how awesome that may seem through the eyes of someone else, all jobs have their risks. Forget the sedentary desk job dangers like Sciatica, high blood pressure, and obesity, porn stars are faced with some pretty scary, painful, disgraceful, and even deadly health hazards.

Six Squirming, Stinging and Sucking Natural Treatments Still in Use Today | Daily Syndrome

Modern medicine has made some fantastic advances over the last hundred years. Heck, just in the last 10 years we’ve created a once-a-day pill for HIV, cloned human skin cells, attached bionic limbs, and introduced minimally invasive surgery techniques. But sometimes, good old-fashioned nature just has a better solution — no matter how repugnant or unnerving it might seem. Calling upon help from bacteria, insects, and other creepy crawlers we’ve been trained our whole lives to avoid, doctors have been known to use some cheap, albeit icky, solutions for our present-day problems.

The Top 5 Weirdest Diets from Around the World | Daily Syndrome

There is no doubt that skinny is the new fat, and people will go to extreme lengths in order to achieve their desired goal. The weight loss market in the US alone is a hefty $20 billion dollars annually, representative of the overwhelming gullible wealth in our country. But thankfully, it’s not just limited to the US. Other countries are getting fatter, and they’re willing to try some of the weirdest things to shed their pounds.

Pissing the Rainbow: 7 Funky Urine Colors and What They All Mean for Your Health | Daily Syndrome

Hopefully, everyone reading this knows what normal, healthy pee looks like – but just in case some of you have been pissing in the dark your whole life, I’ll spill the beans. Healthy urine color rests within a range of yellow anywhere from pale and translucent to vibrant and bold. You probably already know that darker yellow urine typically means dehydration, but did you know that the color spectrum of your pee can be as wide as ROYGBIV?