Delta Is Pushing for Banned Passenger Lists to Be Shared Between Airlines

Something’s been in the air ever since COVID-19 came on the scene: rowdy airline passengers. Ever since air travel started picking back up last year, so have the numbers of unruly passengers. Between Jan. 1, 2021, to Oct. 12, 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration received 4,724 reported cases of unruly passengers. It’s the most ever, by a long shot, since 1995 when the agency began recording reports. Several in-air offenses, like refusing to comply with the mask mandate or assaulting a flig

Singapore Airlines Announces New Quarantine-Free Flights Between the U.S. and Singapore

If the Lion City has been on your bucket list, you're in luck! Starting yesterday, Oct. 19, travelers from select U.S. airports can visit Singapore without the hassle of quarantine. Singapore Airlines' new Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flight service covers Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle flights. Additionally, travelers making multi-stops within the VTL corridor—which includes destinations in Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingd

Southwest Has Now Been Canceling Flights for Three Days Straight. Here's Why

Southwest Airlines celebrated the long weekend by canceling over 2,000 flights, leaving travelers stranded across the country. If it sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Just two months ago, thousands of passengers suffered through the Spirit Airlines meltdown when they were stranded over multiple days as the airline canceled thousands of flights. In total, the cancelations and delays affected roughly 60 percent of the ultra-low-cost airline’s flights. While Southwest, which has only canceled

Renewing Your TSA PreCheck Is Now Cheaper Than Ever

Just in case shorter lines and less hassle at airport Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints haven’t quite got the same gleam as they once did, TSA PreCheck is hoping to entice members to renew their annual memberships by dropping the price. Once considered a golden ticket for frequent travelers, TSA PreCheck allows members to skip the long lines at security by providing a dedicated PreCheck line—plus VIP perks like not having to remove your shoes, liquids, or laptops from you

How Much Longer Will Cruises Require COVID-19 Vaccination Proof?

Crystal Cruises recently announced its plan to require passengers to show proof of being fully vaccinated—all the way through next year. Currently, Crystal requires that 100 percent of its crew and all guests over the age of 12 be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before stepping aboard their ships. While Crystal Cruises is not the only cruise line to impart such a rule—Royal Caribbean, Viking, Carnival, Celebrity, and MSC are among some of the other major cruise lines with vaccine requirements

Australia Is Still Set on Reopening Its International Borders by Christmas 2021

Much to the chagrin of travelers, Australia has remained one of the last holdouts when it comes to border restrictions. As a large island, the country can’t afford to take many risks—and it hasn’t. (Exception: a failed travel bubble experiment with New Zealand, which popped when a spike in Delta variant cases began to climb.) For Australians, it’s been a long road out of COVID-19 restrictions. Lockdowns have come and gone and come back, and many locals have been separated from their families si

Hawaii to Tear Down Oahu’s Historic Haiku Stairs

Hawaii's Instagram-famous Haiku Stairs, which are often cited as boasting the state's best views, are expected to be dismantled next year. The decision comes from the Honolulu City Council, who spends approximately a quarter-of-a-million dollars each year on security to keep trespassers from hiking the 3,922 steps along Oahu's Koolau Mountain Range. "Due to rampant illegal trespassing, Haiku Stairs is a significant liability and expense for the city, and impacts the quality of life for nearby

Did Anyone Notice the Summer's Wildest Travel News Always Seemed to Involve LAX?

Hollywood may be the hotspot for movies, but this summer, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) brought all the drama. In the skies, on the tarmac, on the plane, and behind the scenes: the summer action at LAX has been making headlines. LAX kicked off its summer shenanigan showcase on June 4 when a Delta flight heading from LAX to Nashville had to be diverted after a passenger unbelievably stormed the cockpit after screaming for the plane to be stopped. The unruly passenger was immediately ta

Verandah Staterooms on This Luxury Cruise Line Are Now Cheaper Than Ever

Crystal Cruises is rolling out a big sale, and it might just be enough to persuade anyone who has been eyeing a fall or spring cruise to finally seal the deal. Dubbed their "Limited-Time Verandah Event," this sale is offering up Verandah staterooms for the mere price of an Ocean View—meaning you can swap out your window for an actual personal outdoor space without paying a penny extra for the privilege. During this limited-time sale, Verandah rooms on select all-inclusive Crystal Symphony voyag

Starting Next Month, United Will Become the First Fully-Vaccinated Airline (Sort Of)

In August, United announced that it was giving all of its employees the choice to be fully vaccinated or wear a mask while working and undergo routine COVID-19 testing. The deadline given was October 1, 2021, or at least five weeks from when any of the available approved vaccines were given the full green light. Now, a month later, the major U.S. airline has some follow-up information that is sure to stir the pot. Starting Oct. 2, 2021, all operational customer-facing employees will be require

CDC Releases New COVID-19 Testing Guidelines for Cruise Ships

Another month, another round of changes to COVID-19 protocols concerning cruises. And it's good news if you're vaccinated. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, MSC, Disney, and Holland America have announced newly-updated pre-cruise testing protocols set to begin on all sailings from the U.S. from Sept. 13, 2021. Princess Cruises will begin implementing its new pre-cruise testing requirements beginning Sept. 19, 2021. As this stems from updated CDC cruise guidelines, more cruises are expected to announc

Every Single National Forest in California Just Closed Due to Wildfire Risk

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Services temporarily closed all of California’s national forests on Aug. 31, 2021, at 11:59 p.m., citing extreme wildfire risk. "We do not take this decision lightly, but this is the best choice for public safety,” said Regional Forester Jennifer Eberlien. “It is especially hard with the approaching Labor Day weekend when so many people enjoy our national forests.” When Eberlien says the decision wasn’t made lightly, she’s not joking. The California wi

17 Countries Got New Travel Advisory Levels From the CDC This Week

On Aug. 30, 2021, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently upgraded seven countries to a "Level 4: Very High" risk for COVID-19 on its list of Travel Health Notices. The Level 4 designation is the highest possible category, and the CDC recommends travelers avoid all travel to the destination. New Level 4 countries include the two U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and Guam, and foreign countries inclusive of Switzerland, Azerbaijan, St. Lucia, North Macedonia, and Estonia. It a

Italy Gets a New National Airline After Alitalia Folds

Alitalia, Italy’s national airline, announced that it would stop selling any new tickets for flights departing after Oct. 14, 2021. After operating for nearly three-quarters of a century, the country’s largest airline will be closing its cabin doors permanently. If you’ve flown Alitalia, the closure may not be a big surprise. While it was never on the bucket list of must-fly carriers (even if the airline has held such precious Italian cargo as the Pope himself), its routes were plentiful, and i

Hawaii's Governor Asks Tourists to Stay Home Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

If a trip to the Hawaiian islands has been on your to-do list, the state's governor has an important message for you right now: don't come. During a recent press conference, Governor David Ige asked that all leisure and non-essential business travel to Hawaii (or between the islands) cease immediately. “It is a risky time to be traveling right now,” said Ige. “I encourage everyone to restrict or curtail travel to Hawaii, residents and visitors alike.” He stated that it is not a good time to vi

A Woman Was Escorted off a Recent Spirit Flight After Smoking Onboard

A Florida-bound woman traveling from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale earlier this week broke one of the cardinal flying rules: no smoking on the aircraft. Even though smoking on board commercial flights from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand has been banned since 1994, it appears the woman, who was later escorted off the plane by officials, decided the nicotine was worth the repercussions. According to a TikTok video taken by one of the nearby passengers, when asked by fellow passengers t

This New Low-Cost Airline Just Became the Best-Funded Startup in U.S. Aviation

As we mentioned back in March when we announced the launch of Breeze Airways, the new low-cost U.S. airline from JetBlue and WestJet founder David Neeleman, we love rooting for the underdog. If we’d have placed an actual bet on the success of Breeze Airways, we’d be flying high in riches. Thanks to a recent $200-million-dollar Series B investment, the little airline that could just became the best-funded airline startup in U.S. history. That makes for a total of over $300 million in capital rai

This Popular Italian City Will Soon Charge Tourists an Entrance Fee

Planning a dream trip to Venice, Italy? Better make your budget a little bigger. Starting summer 2022, the famous tourist city will start charging visitors an entrance fee and capping how many people can enter the city. In recent years, Venice has become somewhat of a poster child for over-tourism. The city itself dates back over 1,200 years, and its beautiful architecture, romantic canals, and top-notch food have been drawing tourists for hundreds of years at a constant and increasingly expone

More People Are Planning Solo Trips for Labor Day—Here's Where They're Heading

Labor Day Weekend is upon us, and that’s our unspoken cue that summer is almost officially over. Surprisingly, it looks like many travelers are looking to send off the season with a solo vacation. According to travel booking company, single-ticket trips for the long weekend are soaring. Compared to last year (which, as we all know, was a slow travel year all around), bookings for single roundtrip tickets are up over 200 percent. "There are a lot of reasons why solo travel might be m

Secret's Out! Booking a Private Flight Isn't as Pricey as You Probably Think

Let’s face it, commercial flights these days feel a little like a game of roulette. Our spirited return to travel has brought along a lot of baggage—soaring prices, hellish airport lines, airline meltdowns, passenger meltdowns, and limited onboard snacks and drinks. But a growing number of travelers are finding an easy way around the mounting hassles of traveling with commercial airlines. They’re flying private, they’re not looking back—and many of them aren’t paying as much for the privilege a
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