Cruise Ships' Recent COVID-19 Cases Might Actually Be Good News—Here's Why

Another attempted cruise ship restart, another round of passengers who’ve tested positive for COVID-19. It’s becoming a tale as old as time—or at least as long as we’ve been dealing with the current pandemic. Try as they might, it seems cruise ships can’t catch a break. No matter what they do, COVID finds a way on board. Will we ever safely cruise again? In the most recent bout of cruise doubt, this past Thursday, two passengers aboard the Celebrity Millennium tested positive for COVID-19. It

Amtrak Has Finally Brought Back Its USA Rail Pass—and It's on Sale

The return of the USA Rail Pass is being celebrated in true Amtrak fashion—with a sale. From now until June 22, 2021, the reinstated all-you-can-ride passes are just $299, nearly half off from the regular $499 price tag. The national rail service, which turned 50 this year, has been on a roll lately, from restoring daily service on long-distance routes to offering up great fare sales. This latest news is proof they are not slowing down and are continuing to let the good times roll. The new rein

It Just Got Much Easier to Fly to South Africa

If you're planning a South African safari sometime soon, we're pleased to report that your trip just got a whole lot easier. After a few delays, United Airlines was finally able to inaugurate its new nonstop service between New York and Johannesburg, South Africa. At approximately 10:03 p.m. on June 3, UAL 188 took off from Newark Liberty International Airport and touched down at O.R. Tambo International Airport just under 14 hours later. “We are excited to inaugurate our new service between N

Airbnb Is Looking for 12 People to Live in Airbnbs for a Year—for Free

Been itching to give the vagabond lifestyle a go? We’ve got good news—Airbnb’s newest initiative, Live Anywhere on Airbnb, can help you get there. Starting next month, 12 participants will get to spend 10 months in different cities through Airbnb Experiences while living in various Airbnbs worldwide—while Airbnb pays the rent. Truly, though, nothing in life is free. Participating in this lucky experience comes with a little responsibility on the backend. All 12 Airbnb nomads will be expected to

You Can Now Walk Among Giants With a Stroll on the Newly-Opened Redwood Sky Walk

Sequoia Park Zoo’s newest attraction gets visitors up, up, up-close, and personal with some of the zoo’s most famous residents. Suspended high above the forest floor, the new Redwood Sky Walk invites guests to experience a forest full of California Coastal Redwoods from a whole new POV. If you were hoping to connect more with nature, consider this a calling. Featuring nine platforms and bridges stretching between the behemoth trees, the Redwood Sky Walk offers an immersive experience that’s har

American and Southwest Are Both Holding off Serving Inflight Booze—Here's Why

Following a passenger assault on one of their flight attendants last week, Southwest Airlines announced that it has decided not to restore inflight alcohol service after all. Days later, American Airlines came to the same decision. Both airlines have cited the recent surge in unruly passenger numbers as the catalyst. At the same time, American noted additional concerns that serving alcohol may also result in passengers being less vigilant—and possibly more belligerent—about wearing masks while o

Win Free Cruises, Getaways, and More With CVS Pharmacy's New Vaccine Sweeps

If ending the nightmare that has been the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t enough of an incentive to snag a free vaccine, you’re in luck. CVS Pharmacy is now offering over 15 coax-worthy incentives to get people to roll up their sleeves with their new #OneStepCloser Sweepstakes. The nationwide pharmacy, which has been distributing the COVID-19 vaccine in locations across the country, has teamed up with a handful of partners for a huge vaccine giveaway where eligible injectees can win anything from gift

Amtrak Restores Daily Service to Long-Distance Routes It Cut During the Pandemic

Both Amtrak and travel have had a rough last year (who didn't?), so if there’s any one thing that’s signaling travel is making its way back on track, it’s this week’s news that Amtrak has begun restoring regular service on several of its long-distance routes. Previously cut back to just a few times a week due to low ridership numbers during the thick of the pandemic, as of Monday, the national rail service has already restored daily service on four of its long-haul routes on the west coast and

Airstream's Newest Mercedes Sprinter Van RV Is a Luxe Hotel-Home on Wheels

Anyone that’s ever taken on the thrills and challenges of living on the road knows two words are worth their weight in diamonds: flexible and functional. Luckily, Airstream has got decades of experience in designing trailers and camper vans that hit the spot—and their collaborations with high-end automaker Mercedes-Benz have only upped the ante, proving vehicles that hit the ultimate trifecta of RV life: flexibility, functionality, and luxury. Enter the 2021 Airstream Atlas Touring Coach, the f

OXO Is Here to Bump up Your Campsite Cooking Game

OXO, one of our favorite functional and affordable kitchenware brands, has just given us 10 more reasons to pitch a tent this summer—or at least host a backyard barbecue. Designed with day campers and seasoned trail veterans both in mind, OXO Outdoors will launch with 10 products, available exclusively through outdoor retailer REI. For fans who already obsess over OXO’s home kitchen gadgets, the new product line will be familiar but purpose-built for makeshift kitchens on the go. Think high

It's Been a Wild Few Weeks for U.S. Cruises, But We Have Good News

Trying to keep up with the status of U.S. cruises over the last month or so has been a bit of a neckbreaker. However, two of the biggest takeaways are that fortune favors the fully-vaccinated, and it looks like—fingers crossed—we might have a return to regular U.S. cruise sailings come mid-July. A few other things happened, too. Here’s a quick recap of the highlights: • The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finally released the long-awaited rules for required trial sailings under

Airstream x Pottery Barn Just Released a New Travel-Meets-Home Decor Collection

Airstream and Pottery Barn have just released a new collection in their travel-inspired Airstream x Pottery Barn home decor collaboration. The new collection squeaks with Pottery Barn’s clean and chic aesthetic but with rustic undertones that remind us of kicking up dust on the best road trip-worthy adventures. With more than 40 pieces, the 2021 Airstream x Pottery Barn collection covers everything from comfy bedding and welcome mats, to backpacks designed for on-the-go picnics, and retro Airst

Infinity Pools on a Cruise Ship? Norwegian's New Ship Class Is Brimming With Firsts

Norwegian has really come out of the gate strong with Prima. Prima is the first of six ships in the line's newest class of vessels of the same name; plus, this is the brand's first newly released class of ships in nearly a decade. And, we’ve got to say, Prima is truly a first of its kind, not only for Norwegian, but for travelers as well—and it’s got the superlatives to prove it. For instance, this new ship has two infinity pools. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Prima’s horizon-hugging infinit

I Flew America's Brand New Low-Cost Airline. Here's What It's Like

As major domestic carriers sought government assistance to stay afloat, new low-cost carrier Avelo Airlines announced its arrival—and then celebrated with bag-packing $19 fares. Founded by Andrew Levy (former United Airlines CFO and co-founder and president of ultra-low-cost carrier Allegiant Air), the newcomer is America’s first mainline airline to hit the runways in nearly 15 years. Avelo may be a low-frills (not no-frills), low-cost carrier. Still, there is a certain luxury in the simplicity

Outdoor Activities Soared During the Pandemic—Including Some You Might Not Expect

We’re dedicating our May features to the outdoors and adventure. In 2020, we saw more people get outside, eager for a breath of fresh air after challenging spring, taking up new activities and blazing new trails. Now, in 2021, read our features to learn more about 15 outdoor skills you should master, the best state parks across the country, a new trend of hotels opening near formerly remote national parks, and one person’s quest to make outdoor experiences accessible for all. When the pandemic

Celebrity Cruises Just Unveiled Its Most Luxurious Ship to Date

Celebrity Cruises recently released the first looks of its newest and most luxurious ship—and she’s a classy beaut. Following the footsteps of 2018’s Celebrity Edge and 2020’s Celebrity Apex, the new 3,260-double-occupancy Celebrity Beyond goes, ahem, above and beyond its sister ships when it comes to reimagining ship spaces and luxury-at-sea experience. The new ship stretches more than 1,000 feet and looks sleek, sexy, classy, and chic—though it’s hard not to when you’ve got a top-of-industry

Amtrak Is Turning 50 and Celebrating With Fares That Cost $50—or Less

America’s national rail service is celebrating a half-century of service with a limited-time sale that could coax even the most stubborn of anti-overlanders onto the rails. Amtrak is ringing in their 50th anniversary with 50 percent off (almost) all coach and Acela business class fares—plus a fare cap of $50. Basically, this means anyone who takes advantage of the party fares will find regular coach and Acela business class fares cut in half, and nothing will be priced over $50. We repeat: You

Miss Your Flight? American Will Now Rebook You on the Next Flight—for Free

For many travelers, the fear of missing your flight is real, very real. The anxiety often creeps in the night before a big flight, and, as anyone that’s actually managed to miss at least one flight in their lifetime knows, the nightmare isn’t too far off from reality. Missing a flight is disruptive, disappointing, frustrating—and often expensive. Well, American Airlines recently quietly updated its missed flight policy, removing another mild stressor from your average traveler's day: the airlin

The CDC's New COVID-19 Guidance for Activities Is Great News for Travelers

The list of secondary perks for fully vaccinated people just a whole lot longer, thanks to a much-anticipated update from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On April 27, 2021, the agency officially changed its guidelines for social interactions and activities, and it’s great news—especially for travelers. According to the update, people who have received either both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the single-dose Johnson and Johnson Jassen vaccine—and waited two week

Vaccine Tourism Is the Newest Travel Trend—But Hopefully Not for Long

After nearly a year on lockdown and with on-and-off restrictions on everything from daily activities to travel, the COVID-19 vaccine has become one of the hottest commodities in decades. But how far would you go—literally—to get that shot in the arm? Since the first vaccines were released in December 2020, vaccine tourism has been on the rise. From the very start, vaccines and vaccine appointments have been hard to come by—a scarcity intensified by restrictions on eligibility and further compli
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