I love to explore a place through its cuisine. Food is both such a personal and cultural experience that can teach you as much about a place as it can the people. 

13 Traditional Christmas Dinners from Around the World

You thought you were bad at Thanksgiving? That feast is really just the amuse bouche to all the holiday eating that goes down at the end of the year. After all, the month of December is pretty much stuffed with events where we stuff our face. And let's face it, all the holiday parties, festive happy hours, appetizer-fueled functions and events, and awkward office parties with little plates full of sweet and savory treats all lead up to the main event -- Christmas dinner.
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That Time the Florida Keys Tried to Secede from the US by Dropping Conch Fritter Bombs

"We were the point of least resistance, or so they thought!" former Key West Mayor Dennis Wardlow guffaws to me over the phone. "They didn't anticipate the publicity—or what was going to happen." In all fairness, neither had he. America's most famous food fight was a perfectly planned PR stunt with both national and international buzz—except it wasn't planned and there were no PR consultants. Wardlow had opened his mouth and the words had leapt out: The Florida Keys would secede from the United States of America in protest against the government.

7 Foods That Can Help Save the World

If you’ve kept your eye on the news since 45’s inauguration, it’s frighteningly obvious the environment needs our help more than ever. From calling climate change a hoax to massive budget cuts for environmental agencies and programs, green-lighting the Dakota Access Pipeline and asking the EPA to reconsider the Clean Water Act, we, as individuals, might just be the last line of defense. For those of us hungry for change, there’s a few ways we can eat our way to a better world—or at least try.
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